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Faded downtown, Love is like a drifting rain, all wet all … …

Rainy season, Jifengzhouyu caught off guard, then stained instant wet earth, wet stained heart. That umbrella is no longer known to the world economy, simply let the rain all wet, wet heart. That moist earth in the storm is over, will be the sun to heaven, but who can mind the wet to dry. –

Why does the rain always makes sad. Has not left his face was rain or tears can not tell. Bamboo listen to the rain, is a realm so comfortable, more than once thought, should be able to hold you in my arms, along with listening to the rain, reading Rain, rain goods, watching the rain, it is a wonderful dream. Listen to the rain bounce the strings as if fingers had to read that skew the rain is not a wandering love, products that rain is also bitter sweet love, watch the rain, dense smoke, you and me is not lost soul. –

If love is doomed to separation, then why not let me straightforward Kuchu voice. I know that birds can fly blue sky, cattle and sheep can be tired Love Ranch, but how can aspire to land the fish, how can I get you attachment. Of the ephemera that out of the water one by one, how can luxury tomorrow. On this rainy day so I can pour on the tears soaked the earth, so that the body will be burning the body of the rain hit, turned into a burst of smoke go to waste. Wet feet will still be hovering on the road, probably will change direction. –

The wind shook the tree, or hard, along with the leaves of the jitter, rushing to the sound issue, it is particularly crisp in the rain. I want to let the wind not blowing a force, so that rain a little rest, persevering, both tried to let the rainbow can not be raised. Mind more than once in the sob, for the wind and rain can not stop wandering. –

Always break in the rain, I hold your hands how to hold to when. Rain getting wet skin, wet our hands, in that moment, we can not hook the fingers, discrete in the rain. Your back in the mists of rain, drifting away. I want to wipe the face of rain, but that the temperature of the water and eyes have eyes. Sky and shouts and the sound of hoarse in the rain is so Piaomiao. Collection of rainwater as a river slowly, towards the lake, which in turn the hearts of wet going. –

Displaced emotions in life, I do not know where the flowers will bloom well, I do not know where to be wind and rain in the wet and decadence. The rainy season, it rain like a curtain, slowly closed the windows of the soul. The soul out of rain and fog, waving toward the direction of a wave you say: Good night, my love!


What is not it?

France has a reporter named Bodie, a young man only God gives him a quadriplegic, the only news is that you can move his left eye, although the port can not be made, the hand can not move, but he was determined to make himself sick before the idea of ​​good works to be completed.

Bodie will blink of an eye, so only by blinking his left eye to communicate with the assistant, letter by letter to the assistant “back” out of his a plan, and then copied out by an assistant, assistant every time in order to commonly used letters in French read out, and Bodie to choose, when she read the letters is the text of the letter, Bodie said to blink an eye to the right. As Bodie rely on memory to determine the terms, it is often not correct, they need a dictionary, it can only record one or two pages a day, two people can imagine how hard work! A few months later, they experienced hardships finally completed this work, in order to write this book, Bodie total of over two hundred thousand times a twinkle in his eye, this extraordinary book of 150 pages, whose name is called “wet suit and the Butterfly.”

Sheng-old disabled his legs, and he was with “T” to go the way of the world’s longest; Beethoven deaf, but intention to create a monumental “Symphony of Destiny”; Stephen. Hawking suffering from athletic tumor, can not move can not say, but with the thought into the universe, to explore the galaxy. a black hole. … … Ostrovsky quark paralyzed, blind, they wrote the greatest book, “How the Steel Was Hero “inspired the Chinese and foreign youth to join the revolution … …

In this world, with sound limbs, a few bright minds of people, but few people have such success, and the world is their lack of spirit never admit defeat and perseverance, people always Fuming Japan tomorrow busy, and always waiting for opportunities missed opportunities, always complaining about the complaints of shortage of time fee, in care about. worry about the outcome of … … They lost their success lies in not demanding conditions, is not waiting for the opportunity , but do everything possible to create the conditions for use of all available opportunities.

We also have many of the ideals and aspirations, goals and pursuit of action from time to pay the note, is a fantasy can not be achieved, all will be in vain. Front of the TV lamp as comfortable reading, poetry video games as charming as the mahjong table rat race card room comfortable, we often complain about the unfairness of fate, conditions are not satisfactory, we forget the leading role due to external causes only secondary, not their own efforts, in good environmental conditions can only be a display, the face of difficulties that we often give up, so we will lose the opportunity, there is no opportunity for success is not our lack of success but we must have determination, perseverance do not give up before reaching the destination.

Perhaps through the efforts fail to achieve the objectives that we, perhaps, we finally be a writer, poet, businessman, owner of … …, but as long as we have experienced will not regret it, difficult temper our will, fail to make us more aware of the value, Let us all very calm and stoic face freely, humble in victory by defeat, and this is a comfort when the road can not enjoy the scenery, and the way happiness can not appreciate the beer and skittles.

One eye to a book, deaf ears to the music and not able to take the world’s longest legs the way … …, this is what the miracle, how extraordinary, and we, the people, what a sound it is impossible it?

Friends, and strive to adhere to it, believe in yourself, I can do it!


“A friend walk in when the rest of the world walks out”.sometimes in life ,
you in life,you find a special friend ,someone who changes your life just by
being pare  of it.someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop,someone
who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.someone who
convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you
to open it.This is forever friendship,when you are down ,and the world
seems dark and empty,your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that
dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.Your forever friend gets you
through the hard times,the sad times ,and the confused times.If you turn and
walk away,your forever friend follows.If you lose your way,your forever friend
guides you and cheers you on.Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you
that everything is going to be okay.And if you find such a friend,you feel
happy and complete.Because you need not worry,you have a forever friend for
life,and forever has no end.

“Alien ” legendary Brazilian Ronaldo announced his retirement farewell football

SAO PAULO (AFP) – Three-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldo, whose goalscoring genius led Brazil to the 2002 World Cup title, confirmed his retirement on Monday at the age of 34.
The tearful Corinthians striker announced his decision at a press conference in Sao Paulo, saying that although leaving football felt like “death,” his body could no longer match the demands he was putting on it.
“I’m stopping my career as a professional footballer,” he said, his voice breaking. “It’s been a beautiful, emotional, marvellous career.
“These last two years, I’ve had a long series of injuries, from one side to the other, one leg to the other, one muscle to the other. The pain pushed me to think about the end of my career.”
Ronaldo also revealed that he suffered from a thyroid problem that had made it difficult to control his weight.
“Four years ago, in Milan, I discovered that I suffered from an under-active thyroid that slowed down my metabolism and that to control it, I had to take hormones that weren’t authorised in football as they were considered a form of doping,” he said.
“Lots of people must regret having made jokes about my weight. But I feel no anger towards anyone.”
Having earlier indicated that he hoped to play on until the end of the year, injuries and Corinthians’ early elimination from the Copa Libertadores prompted him to bring forward his retirement.

German radio station to do, “wrote his own epitaph”contest

A German radio station is offering listeners the chance to win a check to cover the cost of their own funeral.

More than 600 contestants have sent in their own headstone epitaph for the Radio Galaxy competition in Aschaffenburg.

Presenter Jens Pflueger defended the competition, saying it was aimed at breaking society’s “taboo” about death.

“We wanted to raise awareness about this difficult topic among young people,” he told the BBC, “We want people to send in their own epitaphs. If they send someone else’s quote, that’s OK, but for me that’s not creative enough.”

The prize is £2,500 ($4038) which has to be spent on death insurance to cover funeral expenses.

The Association of German Undertakers condemned the competition as “tasteless” and is suing Radio Galaxy in a bid to block the contest.

“This activity is not just impious and tasteless, it is also immoral as regards the law against unfair competition,” it said.

Healthy sugar-free carbonated drinks? drunk easy to get heart disease

For those keen to look after their health, sugar-free fizzy drinks may seem a wise choice.But they could actually increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, research shows.
A study of more than 2,500 people found those who had diet drinks every day were 61 per cent more likely to get vascular problems than those who did not have any carbonated drinks.
Researcher Hannah Gardener said: ‘If our results are confirmed with future studies, then it would suggest that diet soda may not be the optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages for protection against vascular outcomes.’
The 2,564 participants had to state whether they drank diet fizzy drinks, regular fizzy drinks, a mixture of the two or none at all.Researchers said the survey did not include data on the types of diet and regular drinks consumed however, which could have given further information on how drinking different brands affected participants.
Dr Gardener, an epidemiologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said further studies would have to be carried out to explore how consuming diet drinks potentially raised the risk of vascular problems.
Dr Sharlin Ahmed, from The Stroke Association, said: ‘According to this study, drinking diet fizzy drinks on a regular basis could pose the same or even higher risk for cardiovascular disease as standard fizzy drinks, providing a word of warning to those who often opt for diet versions in order to be “healthy”.
‘Everyone can reduce their risk of stroke by consuming a balanced diet, low in saturated fat and salt, and exercising regularly.

Thoughts in the wind

Days with rain, covered with moist air, but not the temperature of the light, the monotony of the yard, a sound nuisance, shabu shabu dripping.

Finally stopped, but at midnight, downtown began to show off the voice of the table, eyes closed, unable to sleep.

Quiet sitting under vines, listening to the feeling of wind swept the leaves, is a pleasure. Quietly watching the dawn rise slowly, feeling the sun will be a night to erase the kind of warm and cozy feeling, that gradually the bright shining like dew graceful heart, it seems a kind of coming true in the light the spark of desire is the aura of this little bit of smoke vain hope of a heart transitory man, agitated sentimental silent vow inadvertently asked a TV drama, she really heard, menopausal heart.

Hesitate to become the mind.

There is a need for honest dialogue, that is, their sincerity, not illusory. There is a feeling no one can replace, that is, consonance from the other side, not your fooling yourself. This truth can not allow people to stay clear in a dream, but even more foggy.

The more so, the less clear.

A bit messy, can not think of loss as to how the chaos, more self-deceiving disorder.

Would like to find a comfort, a visible release.

Not accustomed to lit a cigarette, unpleasant smell, how to help those smug people who think, maybe it was just an excuse for a habit, a hint of relaxation, a disguise can not explain in words, a touch like smoke a touch of boredom, like the color, light conversion far-fetched.

In fact, smoking is also confused, do not smoke are confused, but it felt to find a silent friend. It does not know how to worry and worry, do not know how to love and love the weight, but do not know who was thinking. It feels like the taste of a ray of rhyme, no chance to meet growing flowers in Hong disabled people.

Ling took the rain, thousands of grass slope with the wind to go, but there is no floating dust, only a desolate Bi Ye, empty silence against the night.

Know that white thoughts, no one knows, only their own injury, to return to elegant leisurely study, put a zither’s temperament, chasing the mystery of the natural rhythm, there are a few notes and imagine her appearance, and the light blue, indifferent to a light elegance, rose before his eyes look like, can not be avoided no longer be an injury.

Thousands Cup just to get drunk, but not once met, but many a passing shadow, drunk, without a word into the earth Buddhism in their hearts.