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Another year of cold autumn rain

Train time

Unconsciously back to the starting point

The cold late autumn

Unconsciously they floated the Hanyu

Memory of the ring

Unconsciously and in a circle

Short life

Unconsciously they turned the page

Always remember that dream

Fields of spring flowers

Always always miss

Peach of the world in April

Looking quietly

You cold autumn rain



After bloom

Left is beautiful

Yellow leaves

Leaving a footprint

Love scattered

Leaving a blessing

Remember that day

Like this

Autumn wind whistled

Swirling autumn

Your sad cry for it

Thinking back now

End of the World stranger is

Dusty memories

With the cold autumn rain that opened a slight gap

CD missing left quietly

You happy?



Along with this music, the mood finally find some peace, tree leaves are still, the wind was more than that all seemed so impetuous, meteors fall, Magic Magic German thinking, mind, and seeking a long absence, the lovely, soul, after seeing a shot into the dark silence Several small house of the sun slanting beam, only Jiaoren feel very warm arms.
Bored calm down, write something about this mess, written in good and bad, only to himself, no time to carefully evaluate its Judgments, just want a little peace and quiet, dream blossoming years, so hastily In the past, clutching his hands or a stick with that stubborn, trying to look at the cause of boiling again, talking, feel some sad and lonely mood, what is it? Oh, say everything as a cloud, be it a smile what, in fact, everything is so beautiful, is not it?
Some say exaggerated, it was said to show off, all in all, this step is reached, and no way back, and hard, all seem not very important, not someone say, go its own way, let others speak that if he is sincere, as long as himself worthy of the world, so all the words put it as the ice slowly melted by the warm hearts right. Oh, so it is still facing life smile.
Ups and downs of the road, rough Ke Hum heart, the heart too much contrast, too many youth sentiment, turned into a driving force, hard work in the future, I think, in the near future, with the expectations of friends and family , with the imprint of youth suffering, all will shine again, is not it? because, after all, have their own way of life to create, there are good and bad, and stick with it, eventually there will be a smooth day. Ha ha.
An old song, listened to countless times, can not find it good or bad, but thinking about the time used to get some movement easy reverie.
Always revolved around the topic was too young to imagine many, many, no wonder some people say I live in a fantasy world Yeah, but do not imagine life without thinking, it would be a loss life, is not it? Unreal to imagine, I would like to This is also a wonderful, because, after all, this stage of life at the touch of youthful sentiment, a trace of soul, a trace of the pursuit, therefore, to imagine some, to some, run around some, to create some, constitutes a lingering, sweet and warm.
Life is like a glass of water, began to drink it, tasteless, has been drinking a drink, until the end, will feel many, many sweet, I would imagine that day, there will be that day, huh, huh, so once again smile face Yes.
Days, has dark, dim, as if the shadow when the swallows return to see it, is the spring comes.
Spring really has come.
Fantasy to see the mountains and plains of green grass the wind, hear the crisp thrush twitter. Still vaguely see the spectacle of rumbling sound machine. . .
Thought also written a number of good and bad feelings on the log, have not been like this quiet life bit by bit, vivid and colorful, and always with emotion, with feelings, even with recollections, the influence of many, many, but harvested lonely lonely, so, huh, huh. Or facing life smile, turned out really good live.
Imagine the beautiful flowers will still prepare Fairview Love’s dream, because it is a dream, and that is the origin of dreams.
Spring is really here, look up at the day, cloudless, bright light laid the earth, and wandering around them, the warm, the wind blowing, it seems to blow away all the unpleasant, and even the foot of the fine grains of sand disappeared Scots do.
Some fall sustenance, to hang around a cloud, facing the kind of emotions, heart and vented.
Found a quiet calm, to come to life, spirit, sense of.
Facing life with a smile, said: “To Live is really good.”


Used, the heart of the collection,
Caesar bashing wander into the wilderness with the wind further away.
Squandered in the pure, it is hard to pick up the occasional lonely augmented elated mood,
Lotus leaf, withered with the morning dew children, left some cold.
Autumn, fatigue was tucked away memories, released into the atmosphere of the moment, depression involuntarily climbed to heart.
Some people say that youth is always beautiful, is his grasp of its scale,
I grasped, but it is some soul be drifting inexorably.
Yesterday night, Hanyu, drowned hope
Trampled years,
The original, stop and go pace, has not stride, just kept spinning in place.
Play in front of a wave goodbye to yesterday. Smiling face in full bloom a long absence.
Looking toward tomorrow.
Oh, the days of sun on the other side there are also so warm.
Wandering in the direction of shattered dreams and want to find some remnants of memories, as a mark of Love.
Do not know the direction to time.
Injury to sit under the shade, staring leaves drift,
Fantasy that is both a dancer, the wind is their partner.
They always want to go along with the soul of light and sound
Waved to them and smiled.

In fact, I just quietly watch, but do not feel lonely.
Emotional ride on the fallen leaves,
As they go away.
Give yourself hope.

Northern Spring

First taste of his life style northern spring, are so captivating!

First arrived in Dalian, when the car into the city along a section of street which patches of yellow, bright winter jasmine appeared. Too late to take a closer look, the car has been passing through. Jiban that flower? Spend what is under the soft color of the branches, rushed between, I can not close and capture their shadows. Like a woman wearing a light yellow veil, that willowy figure in front of flash, but not made me see her facial features in general. However, so that a bright-yellow caught my first visit to the north of the southern heart, left me amazed and unlimited imagination. “Kim Chui calyx with a cold spell” was such a poetic!

Park in Dalian, garden trees flowers everywhere, it is something I had not seen the flowers. Used to see together with the green leaves are surrounded by flowers, first seen these in the chilly cold spell, in the Qing Qu of the branches are blooming flowers, I marvel at the table may not understand words, only slightly open mouth, envious eyes and heart almost stopped, then suffocating the United States! Hazy the sky is endless rice paper, a pair of invisible ethereal skilful hand, dip the ink, light points, the edges of spilled ink and paper, walk between the texture, light penetration, and slowly blooming away, and painted. Hongyan flowers that is heaven’s Zhu and India. The line of sight to cut, to that huge picture of split me in my heart, never auction.

What is the name of the mountain, forgotten, engraved in mind, only that the mountains and plains of the apricot. Cable car across the valley, that dreamy, like Xia’s Paradise smoke fills my soul. Ilex Ilex flowers bloom heartily. Flowers, you are in the night before I came to, after listening to a night of rain, the portrait in full bloom it? Let petals carries all expectations, all the dreams, stained breath of spring, accompanied by the unknown fruit, through the green summer, to autumn.

“For Zhan Yi Heng Fa Chuen, wet rain, blowing side not cold Wind in the Willows.” Just sat the cable car, not like a poet as Fuzhang flowers. Mood further away – Could it be, that support is felt Apricot her sisters call through time and space, so the stuck wall swaying, waving. That sky every now and then the petals of a flower that people love since ancient times!

Wanderer tears

Linger in different places, mind sees the total care home which mountains of water, plants, countless days and nights, the night sky Looking to the home standing in silence, passing the beautiful picture recall.

      Wandering people, picking up a responsibility, to hang around the heart, the mother kind of face becomes a source of Silian; and early spring of the year, the memory cell has been set, threw in life, or the home screen the quiet state of mind that quarter , want to go wandering.

       Home that year, is spring.

       A tree-lined trail, winding road ambiguous on the ground speckled leaves, a masterpiece from the west, was immersed in water have some decay, and the branches already display a new green shoots children go hand in hand, seems to have forgotten over the cold winter , Surrounded by silence, only to break the silence the voice of the car, looked up, endless fields of rapeseed, breeze, waves of flowers nostrils, together with soft shine, golden, Huangyou You, Zhi Jiaoren relaxed and happy.

       If the dream suddenly, the time over the years, far from the mountains and rivers as the pain left in the bottom of my heart, hanging in the face of worry.

        However, an isolated, blood and tears and Bo, nostalgic turn into clouds, bursts of crosses, with the blessing, with a look forward, stumbled blown mother’s arms, take a look at that kind eyes, the familiar step on a foot Foot building, some different kind of feelings wandering the heart of the landfill.

     Placed spring, Thanks for the Memories home tear out the eye in the hands of the night, Lone Star slips away thinking overflow situation, but unfortunately no desire, so still misty, and that provoked a heavy money at stake, wandering alone, earnest sound sad, left behind dreams .

      Was empty, go home to see … …

Atlanta Education

Eagles left two classical education: one, eagle feeding, the strong survive and the weak out. Second, the brutal training, the eagle wings broken in the most immature eagle bone, to compel him to the cliff wings.

Hawks still perform the classical education methods, teaching Eagles outstanding success, the Eagles not halfway Norinari died. Hawk’s family became less, and the rest are the elite, but on the verge of extinction. Eagle by eagle family education attacks, had to change teaching methods, the founder of the new schools – spend the night in the school closed. Some of the eagle family, who do not want a cruel kind of education their children in person, will their children to spend the night in Atlanta, founded the school closed.

This school is brand-name school, taught out of the exam are the elite. Eagles Eagles of Education to spread the wings, how to adapt to high altitude flying, how to hone their own will, how the arrest of prey. Eagles remember clearly, plainly, is full of a perfect score.

Eagles home studies, the mother eagle test him, Kitty Hawk fluent.

Mother Eagle Eagles take the field practice, the mother eagle fly several kilometers altitude, Eagles fly only from the nest, the nest to fly from the ground, just a couple of times to panting, with no effort. Eagles prey on the ground snakes encountered, the eagle is the natural enemy of the snake, the snake saw the eagle instinctively flee. Eagles see the snake at large, and I want to try what they have learned the skills of hunting property, resorted to sub-claws sprang to three inches above the snake. Unexpectedly, even the snake head and neck upright, the trend with lightning speed to bite their ears Eagles in the chest. If not timely shot the mother eagle, Eagles will be killed in a snake belly.

Mother eagle was very angry to see the scene of Eagles, then send a punitive expedition to the Hawks at.

Eagle eagle on the mother explained:

First, the book knowledge is dead, your skills outside the classroom.

Second, I can only teach theory, there is no training base.

Third, the training nor safe, out of accidents, I have responsibility.

Fourth, the premise of education to life, not what the meaning of life education. ”

Mother eagle silent, thinking: the child’s health is the most important skill is secondary.

Peep forests

In the deep forests are afraid of the ferocious beast peep against the Tigers met satyr or cruel. Not strutted on the main street in the deep forest swagger in order to avoid lead disaster upper body. So put aside the branches to explore further to determine the safety after the forward.

Spy in the streets, which are generally tracking behavior, spy tactics. Their judgments are correct, the evidence is insufficient, but to spy on their own judgments to find evidence that is scientific, not suspicious. The smartest people in history are often the most suspicious people, Cao Cao and Sima Yi’s most intelligent and the most suspect, as a spy to prove less, the result is misjudged, leaving eternal regret. Zhang Fei Cao Cao was a roar Changbanpo retreat, Zhuge Liang Sima Yi’s empty city was cheated. Peep sometimes very important, “Qian of the donkey” spy in the giant tiger can do, not to mention the wisdom of the human too!

Be regarded as a bit sneaky spy villain act, the villain is not above board tit for tat with the adults. Liu is regarded as the villain, Xiang Yu is regarded as a hero. Results of a king villain, the hero is dead end in the Wujiang suicide. Peep show is the noblest of the text in the niche and Miss “still holds partly concealed”, shyly peeking. Merry niche holding a fan, took the Miss Hong handkerchief covering his face to reveal a peek at the other eye. Psychological and actions are inconsistent, and the crazy niche of Health that is hypocritical, mind set, a set of the mouth surface. Health is the touch of a hand mad lady face and buttocks, thinking about what to do, arrogant fearless. Young male students are jealous mad, mad, said students do not understand etiquette, ignorant, idiot one. Mad raw paper layer of the veil burst niche, to peep through the crack, the Nandaonvchang niche ladies, Acacia into a disease, dating back garden, three wives four concubines, children, batch, never too ugly wife, Jinwucangjiao, United States Niche women are attracted to the appearance of hypocrisy, leaving only a mad raw entertainment.

Children also like to spy on the secret of adults, but was worried he would not rash to fight adults.

Some women like to look into, is the fear of face no deposit, just had to pretend seriousness.

Forests name is Lin, advanced age claimed forests. He also likes the spy world of all things wonderful. His is the face of the peep peep, peep the hearts of others privacy. Other people’s every move, word spoken will reveal their heart’s privacy, he did not personally see a burst write in the article pastime, sport.

Forests do not need to spy on royalties, just want to say something ugly or beautiful mind.


Busy at the beginning of love is like the footsteps of spring, their eyes on your side … slowly …

Chaos raised her eyes and look to the sky, it is not clear. Themselves like a broken kite string, lost in the gray world. Luxuriantly foliage, the spring wind has abundant vitality to the world, in this season, it would only break where the kite turn drifting. –

That night, with a sincere heart to find a country. Night was clear and the stars blinked Haoyue transit, only the wind drift, like a lost child, wandering in the sky full of stars. Flashing neon, embellished the lonely night. This Street, this view seems to look more attractive than the hustle and bustle of the day. –

Heart with a pair of wings, flying in the vastness of the Milky Way. Quietly under the moonlight, listening, with a gentle melody echoing in the ears, actually have been so intoxicated. You’re like an angel in spring, walking into the eye, gentle contours of the fragrance exudes a kind of noble. Gently stop, more time at the moment want to stay. –

Quietly came, accompanied by the footsteps of spring, with the winding finger affectionate, gentle touch your heartstrings, lingering sound wave, subtly perfume. Memory that a cloud of dust, thus dense and open. Roam in your world, looking at the beautiful light seeping sadness, suddenly had a subtle response. That is, I can not, can come into your world, you hold up an umbrella. –

Life is not blurred in was removed, the occasional spring, hourglass, I will not be in this world, cover a wound. Meet beautiful encounter is bound to be beautiful. Willow lake ripples swing has been rippling throughout the world. Emotion has been accompanied by the dim, smoke the morning of the first ray in the melt into the morning. How many times have I somewhere sucking your breath, feel your back and forth. Think about in the evening after sunset, as you shake the dust to the day, so your tired body on my shoulders generous, messy tales of a ray of your dark hair, along with listening to one of our songs. Thank God I know you, thank you for allowing me into your world, how many times the heart whisper, like the chick just covered wings, has healed the wounds of tongue soul. –

Darker the night sky, a meteor across the sky the moment, is that you lit the heart, a brilliant, you figure wandering, haunted I’m deep in prayer. At this moment, I just want to facing you, facing the sky, the moon slowly touch on the TV drama, said: my world, you, the most precious … …


Faded downtown, Love is like a drifting rain, all wet all … …

Rainy season, Jifengzhouyu caught off guard, then stained instant wet earth, wet stained heart. That umbrella is no longer known to the world economy, simply let the rain all wet, wet heart. That moist earth in the storm is over, will be the sun to heaven, but who can mind the wet to dry. –

Why does the rain always makes sad. Has not left his face was rain or tears can not tell. Bamboo listen to the rain, is a realm so comfortable, more than once thought, should be able to hold you in my arms, along with listening to the rain, reading Rain, rain goods, watching the rain, it is a wonderful dream. Listen to the rain bounce the strings as if fingers had to read that skew the rain is not a wandering love, products that rain is also bitter sweet love, watch the rain, dense smoke, you and me is not lost soul. –

If love is doomed to separation, then why not let me straightforward Kuchu voice. I know that birds can fly blue sky, cattle and sheep can be tired Love Ranch, but how can aspire to land the fish, how can I get you attachment. Of the ephemera that out of the water one by one, how can luxury tomorrow. On this rainy day so I can pour on the tears soaked the earth, so that the body will be burning the body of the rain hit, turned into a burst of smoke go to waste. Wet feet will still be hovering on the road, probably will change direction. –

The wind shook the tree, or hard, along with the leaves of the jitter, rushing to the sound issue, it is particularly crisp in the rain. I want to let the wind not blowing a force, so that rain a little rest, persevering, both tried to let the rainbow can not be raised. Mind more than once in the sob, for the wind and rain can not stop wandering. –

Always break in the rain, I hold your hands how to hold to when. Rain getting wet skin, wet our hands, in that moment, we can not hook the fingers, discrete in the rain. Your back in the mists of rain, drifting away. I want to wipe the face of rain, but that the temperature of the water and eyes have eyes. Sky and shouts and the sound of hoarse in the rain is so Piaomiao. Collection of rainwater as a river slowly, towards the lake, which in turn the hearts of wet going. –

Displaced emotions in life, I do not know where the flowers will bloom well, I do not know where to be wind and rain in the wet and decadence. The rainy season, it rain like a curtain, slowly closed the windows of the soul. The soul out of rain and fog, waving toward the direction of a wave you say: Good night, my love!

What is not it?

France has a reporter named Bodie, a young man only God gives him a quadriplegic, the only news is that you can move his left eye, although the port can not be made, the hand can not move, but he was determined to make himself sick before the idea of ​​good works to be completed.

Bodie will blink of an eye, so only by blinking his left eye to communicate with the assistant, letter by letter to the assistant “back” out of his a plan, and then copied out by an assistant, assistant every time in order to commonly used letters in French read out, and Bodie to choose, when she read the letters is the text of the letter, Bodie said to blink an eye to the right. As Bodie rely on memory to determine the terms, it is often not correct, they need a dictionary, it can only record one or two pages a day, two people can imagine how hard work! A few months later, they experienced hardships finally completed this work, in order to write this book, Bodie total of over two hundred thousand times a twinkle in his eye, this extraordinary book of 150 pages, whose name is called “wet suit and the Butterfly.”

Sheng-old disabled his legs, and he was with “T” to go the way of the world’s longest; Beethoven deaf, but intention to create a monumental “Symphony of Destiny”; Stephen. Hawking suffering from athletic tumor, can not move can not say, but with the thought into the universe, to explore the galaxy. a black hole. … … Ostrovsky quark paralyzed, blind, they wrote the greatest book, “How the Steel Was Hero “inspired the Chinese and foreign youth to join the revolution … …

In this world, with sound limbs, a few bright minds of people, but few people have such success, and the world is their lack of spirit never admit defeat and perseverance, people always Fuming Japan tomorrow busy, and always waiting for opportunities missed opportunities, always complaining about the complaints of shortage of time fee, in care about. worry about the outcome of … … They lost their success lies in not demanding conditions, is not waiting for the opportunity , but do everything possible to create the conditions for use of all available opportunities.

We also have many of the ideals and aspirations, goals and pursuit of action from time to pay the note, is a fantasy can not be achieved, all will be in vain. Front of the TV lamp as comfortable reading, poetry video games as charming as the mahjong table rat race card room comfortable, we often complain about the unfairness of fate, conditions are not satisfactory, we forget the leading role due to external causes only secondary, not their own efforts, in good environmental conditions can only be a display, the face of difficulties that we often give up, so we will lose the opportunity, there is no opportunity for success is not our lack of success but we must have determination, perseverance do not give up before reaching the destination.

Perhaps through the efforts fail to achieve the objectives that we, perhaps, we finally be a writer, poet, businessman, owner of … …, but as long as we have experienced will not regret it, difficult temper our will, fail to make us more aware of the value, Let us all very calm and stoic face freely, humble in victory by defeat, and this is a comfort when the road can not enjoy the scenery, and the way happiness can not appreciate the beer and skittles.

One eye to a book, deaf ears to the music and not able to take the world’s longest legs the way … …, this is what the miracle, how extraordinary, and we, the people, what a sound it is impossible it?

Friends, and strive to adhere to it, believe in yourself, I can do it!