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Along with this music, the mood finally find some peace, tree leaves are still, the wind was more than that all seemed so impetuous, meteors fall, Magic Magic German thinking, mind, and seeking a long absence, the lovely, soul, after seeing a shot into the dark silence Several small house of the sun slanting beam, only Jiaoren feel very warm arms.
Bored calm down, write something about this mess, written in good and bad, only to himself, no time to carefully evaluate its Judgments, just want a little peace and quiet, dream blossoming years, so hastily In the past, clutching his hands or a stick with that stubborn, trying to look at the cause of boiling again, talking, feel some sad and lonely mood, what is it? Oh, say everything as a cloud, be it a smile what, in fact, everything is so beautiful, is not it?
Some say exaggerated, it was said to show off, all in all, this step is reached, and no way back, and hard, all seem not very important, not someone say, go its own way, let others speak that if he is sincere, as long as himself worthy of the world, so all the words put it as the ice slowly melted by the warm hearts right. Oh, so it is still facing life smile.
Ups and downs of the road, rough Ke Hum heart, the heart too much contrast, too many youth sentiment, turned into a driving force, hard work in the future, I think, in the near future, with the expectations of friends and family , with the imprint of youth suffering, all will shine again, is not it? because, after all, have their own way of life to create, there are good and bad, and stick with it, eventually there will be a smooth day. Ha ha.
An old song, listened to countless times, can not find it good or bad, but thinking about the time used to get some movement easy reverie.
Always revolved around the topic was too young to imagine many, many, no wonder some people say I live in a fantasy world Yeah, but do not imagine life without thinking, it would be a loss life, is not it? Unreal to imagine, I would like to This is also a wonderful, because, after all, this stage of life at the touch of youthful sentiment, a trace of soul, a trace of the pursuit, therefore, to imagine some, to some, run around some, to create some, constitutes a lingering, sweet and warm.
Life is like a glass of water, began to drink it, tasteless, has been drinking a drink, until the end, will feel many, many sweet, I would imagine that day, there will be that day, huh, huh, so once again smile face Yes.
Days, has dark, dim, as if the shadow when the swallows return to see it, is the spring comes.
Spring really has come.
Fantasy to see the mountains and plains of green grass the wind, hear the crisp thrush twitter. Still vaguely see the spectacle of rumbling sound machine. . .
Thought also written a number of good and bad feelings on the log, have not been like this quiet life bit by bit, vivid and colorful, and always with emotion, with feelings, even with recollections, the influence of many, many, but harvested lonely lonely, so, huh, huh. Or facing life smile, turned out really good live.
Imagine the beautiful flowers will still prepare Fairview Love’s dream, because it is a dream, and that is the origin of dreams.
Spring is really here, look up at the day, cloudless, bright light laid the earth, and wandering around them, the warm, the wind blowing, it seems to blow away all the unpleasant, and even the foot of the fine grains of sand disappeared Scots do.
Some fall sustenance, to hang around a cloud, facing the kind of emotions, heart and vented.
Found a quiet calm, to come to life, spirit, sense of.
Facing life with a smile, said: “To Live is really good.”

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