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Used, the heart of the collection,
Caesar bashing wander into the wilderness with the wind further away.
Squandered in the pure, it is hard to pick up the occasional lonely augmented elated mood,
Lotus leaf, withered with the morning dew children, left some cold.
Autumn, fatigue was tucked away memories, released into the atmosphere of the moment, depression involuntarily climbed to heart.
Some people say that youth is always beautiful, is his grasp of its scale,
I grasped, but it is some soul be drifting inexorably.
Yesterday night, Hanyu, drowned hope
Trampled years,
The original, stop and go pace, has not stride, just kept spinning in place.
Play in front of a wave goodbye to yesterday. Smiling face in full bloom a long absence.
Looking toward tomorrow.
Oh, the days of sun on the other side there are also so warm.
Wandering in the direction of shattered dreams and want to find some remnants of memories, as a mark of Love.
Do not know the direction to time.
Injury to sit under the shade, staring leaves drift,
Fantasy that is both a dancer, the wind is their partner.
They always want to go along with the soul of light and sound
Waved to them and smiled.

In fact, I just quietly watch, but do not feel lonely.
Emotional ride on the fallen leaves,
As they go away.
Give yourself hope.


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