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Wanderer tears

Linger in different places, mind sees the total care home which mountains of water, plants, countless days and nights, the night sky Looking to the home standing in silence, passing the beautiful picture recall.

      Wandering people, picking up a responsibility, to hang around the heart, the mother kind of face becomes a source of Silian; and early spring of the year, the memory cell has been set, threw in life, or the home screen the quiet state of mind that quarter , want to go wandering.

       Home that year, is spring.

       A tree-lined trail, winding road ambiguous on the ground speckled leaves, a masterpiece from the west, was immersed in water have some decay, and the branches already display a new green shoots children go hand in hand, seems to have forgotten over the cold winter , Surrounded by silence, only to break the silence the voice of the car, looked up, endless fields of rapeseed, breeze, waves of flowers nostrils, together with soft shine, golden, Huangyou You, Zhi Jiaoren relaxed and happy.

       If the dream suddenly, the time over the years, far from the mountains and rivers as the pain left in the bottom of my heart, hanging in the face of worry.

        However, an isolated, blood and tears and Bo, nostalgic turn into clouds, bursts of crosses, with the blessing, with a look forward, stumbled blown mother’s arms, take a look at that kind eyes, the familiar step on a foot Foot building, some different kind of feelings wandering the heart of the landfill.

     Placed spring, Thanks for the Memories home tear out the eye in the hands of the night, Lone Star slips away thinking overflow situation, but unfortunately no desire, so still misty, and that provoked a heavy money at stake, wandering alone, earnest sound sad, left behind dreams .

      Was empty, go home to see … …


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