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Northern Spring

First taste of his life style northern spring, are so captivating!

First arrived in Dalian, when the car into the city along a section of street which patches of yellow, bright winter jasmine appeared. Too late to take a closer look, the car has been passing through. Jiban that flower? Spend what is under the soft color of the branches, rushed between, I can not close and capture their shadows. Like a woman wearing a light yellow veil, that willowy figure in front of flash, but not made me see her facial features in general. However, so that a bright-yellow caught my first visit to the north of the southern heart, left me amazed and unlimited imagination. “Kim Chui calyx with a cold spell” was such a poetic!

Park in Dalian, garden trees flowers everywhere, it is something I had not seen the flowers. Used to see together with the green leaves are surrounded by flowers, first seen these in the chilly cold spell, in the Qing Qu of the branches are blooming flowers, I marvel at the table may not understand words, only slightly open mouth, envious eyes and heart almost stopped, then suffocating the United States! Hazy the sky is endless rice paper, a pair of invisible ethereal skilful hand, dip the ink, light points, the edges of spilled ink and paper, walk between the texture, light penetration, and slowly blooming away, and painted. Hongyan flowers that is heaven’s Zhu and India. The line of sight to cut, to that huge picture of split me in my heart, never auction.

What is the name of the mountain, forgotten, engraved in mind, only that the mountains and plains of the apricot. Cable car across the valley, that dreamy, like Xia’s Paradise smoke fills my soul. Ilex Ilex flowers bloom heartily. Flowers, you are in the night before I came to, after listening to a night of rain, the portrait in full bloom it? Let petals carries all expectations, all the dreams, stained breath of spring, accompanied by the unknown fruit, through the green summer, to autumn.

“For Zhan Yi Heng Fa Chuen, wet rain, blowing side not cold Wind in the Willows.” Just sat the cable car, not like a poet as Fuzhang flowers. Mood further away – Could it be, that support is felt Apricot her sisters call through time and space, so the stuck wall swaying, waving. That sky every now and then the petals of a flower that people love since ancient times!


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