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Atlanta Education

Eagles left two classical education: one, eagle feeding, the strong survive and the weak out. Second, the brutal training, the eagle wings broken in the most immature eagle bone, to compel him to the cliff wings.

Hawks still perform the classical education methods, teaching Eagles outstanding success, the Eagles not halfway Norinari died. Hawk’s family became less, and the rest are the elite, but on the verge of extinction. Eagle by eagle family education attacks, had to change teaching methods, the founder of the new schools – spend the night in the school closed. Some of the eagle family, who do not want a cruel kind of education their children in person, will their children to spend the night in Atlanta, founded the school closed.

This school is brand-name school, taught out of the exam are the elite. Eagles Eagles of Education to spread the wings, how to adapt to high altitude flying, how to hone their own will, how the arrest of prey. Eagles remember clearly, plainly, is full of a perfect score.

Eagles home studies, the mother eagle test him, Kitty Hawk fluent.

Mother Eagle Eagles take the field practice, the mother eagle fly several kilometers altitude, Eagles fly only from the nest, the nest to fly from the ground, just a couple of times to panting, with no effort. Eagles prey on the ground snakes encountered, the eagle is the natural enemy of the snake, the snake saw the eagle instinctively flee. Eagles see the snake at large, and I want to try what they have learned the skills of hunting property, resorted to sub-claws sprang to three inches above the snake. Unexpectedly, even the snake head and neck upright, the trend with lightning speed to bite their ears Eagles in the chest. If not timely shot the mother eagle, Eagles will be killed in a snake belly.

Mother eagle was very angry to see the scene of Eagles, then send a punitive expedition to the Hawks at.

Eagle eagle on the mother explained:

First, the book knowledge is dead, your skills outside the classroom.

Second, I can only teach theory, there is no training base.

Third, the training nor safe, out of accidents, I have responsibility.

Fourth, the premise of education to life, not what the meaning of life education. ”

Mother eagle silent, thinking: the child’s health is the most important skill is secondary.


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