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Busy at the beginning of love is like the footsteps of spring, their eyes on your side … slowly …

Chaos raised her eyes and look to the sky, it is not clear. Themselves like a broken kite string, lost in the gray world. Luxuriantly foliage, the spring wind has abundant vitality to the world, in this season, it would only break where the kite turn drifting. –

That night, with a sincere heart to find a country. Night was clear and the stars blinked Haoyue transit, only the wind drift, like a lost child, wandering in the sky full of stars. Flashing neon, embellished the lonely night. This Street, this view seems to look more attractive than the hustle and bustle of the day. –

Heart with a pair of wings, flying in the vastness of the Milky Way. Quietly under the moonlight, listening, with a gentle melody echoing in the ears, actually have been so intoxicated. You’re like an angel in spring, walking into the eye, gentle contours of the fragrance exudes a kind of noble. Gently stop, more time at the moment want to stay. –

Quietly came, accompanied by the footsteps of spring, with the winding finger affectionate, gentle touch your heartstrings, lingering sound wave, subtly perfume. Memory that a cloud of dust, thus dense and open. Roam in your world, looking at the beautiful light seeping sadness, suddenly had a subtle response. That is, I can not, can come into your world, you hold up an umbrella. –

Life is not blurred in was removed, the occasional spring, hourglass, I will not be in this world, cover a wound. Meet beautiful encounter is bound to be beautiful. Willow lake ripples swing has been rippling throughout the world. Emotion has been accompanied by the dim, smoke the morning of the first ray in the melt into the morning. How many times have I somewhere sucking your breath, feel your back and forth. Think about in the evening after sunset, as you shake the dust to the day, so your tired body on my shoulders generous, messy tales of a ray of your dark hair, along with listening to one of our songs. Thank God I know you, thank you for allowing me into your world, how many times the heart whisper, like the chick just covered wings, has healed the wounds of tongue soul. –

Darker the night sky, a meteor across the sky the moment, is that you lit the heart, a brilliant, you figure wandering, haunted I’m deep in prayer. At this moment, I just want to facing you, facing the sky, the moon slowly touch on the TV drama, said: my world, you, the most precious … …


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